About RKA Applied Solutions, Inc.

Ray Knitter Associates, Inc. was founded in March 1977 as a manufacturers’ representative agency to specialize in Process Instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement, signal interface solutions, data acquisition and process analysis. Our first office was in Illinois, although it soon became apparent that Wisconsin warranted more attention than the traditionally minor role most representative firms give it; thus, in 1982 our Wisconsin office was established to better serve our customers in the North. Likewise, as our Illinois influence expanded eastward, in 1992 we commissioned a Northern Indiana office, strategically placed to respond to the steel industry. Today, we take great pride in the fact that RKA Applied Solutions is well known to customers throughout the Midwest Territory, and highly respected in the Instrumentation Industry nationwide. The concept behind RKA is simple. First, we partner with quality manufacturers providing complementary instrumentation products in the areas of Primary Measurement, Data Acquisition, Process Analyzers and Control. The companies and products are selected to increase our effectiveness with each customer. Our competence as a technical representative, combined with distribution capabilities, provides our customers with unmatched support. Second, our comprehensive Applied Solutions product mix concept enables us to help our customers from a systems viewpoint. We can supply the primary sensor, signal conditioners, final control element, process analyzer, power conditioning and display devices, process design, installation and start-up services. RKA Applied Solutions is your proven resource for experienced Process Instrumentation specialists.